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9 years ago

My first dealings with Owen was when I joined the Nth. Bondi Surf Club in 1964, he was my Patrol Captain on the beach after gaining my bronze. Myself and Owen kicked off our friendship from the first time we met with both our interests in Boxing and Rugby League being the catalyst. Owen was a fascinating person with a personality to match; he was then in his early forties, extremely fit and was still playing park football. He was somewhat an early mentor to me and gave valuable advice in my amateur Boxing career and assisted those others who interests were in Rugby, Athletics and fitness. He was, as they say, an interesting person. So with belated condolences to his family may he rest-in-peace and his memory live on. Peter Seinor

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mary clark
11 years ago

Owen and Norma were the first two friends of Ralph's I met when I arrived in Bondi in 1972. Owen and Ralph were good friends for ever. Owen co signed a loan for Ralph to start his tree surgery business . Ralph died in Sydney July 2009. They are surfing the big waves together. Love. Mary

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Kevin Kilmore
12 years ago

I will always remember the stories my late father Reg Kilmore (who died last year September 4th 2009) told me about Owen at the two up. Dad and Owen were good friends when they were young and had a very colourful life. Dad talked about people that he and Owen knew and told stories about characters, such as Big Roy Maxie Cameron and Lou Ambers just to name a few. The times of those days are gone, but the memory lives on with their children. Condolences to Owens family may he rest in peace. Kevin Kilmore and family